Peter Brooker | Maria Inostroza | Icela Perez Bravo @ Balconi Coffee Company

Balconi Coffee Company + Cafemode present
MAY 8 – JUNE 24, 2011
11301 West Olympic Blvd. #124 Los Angeles, CA, 90064 |  310.906.0267

3 person show  “Reflections on Paradise”

curated by Kio Griffith

MAY 8 to JUNE 24, 2011



Small Paradises is a series of ink drawings and acrylic paintings of gargoyles, chimeras, crows, strange gods mainly belonging to a mental world and nature.

Gargoyles are humanized being the main characters. They are around us and inside us, seductive angels of anarchy living in different landscapes.

Chimeras, crows, strange gods riding zebras, are the gargoyles compliment, jolly and collective, messengers of this mental world.

Neurosis can be manifested in many ways. I chose to paint it as colorful creatures, as different thoughts and monologs, play with them and make them my guardians. Thank you.


I like to walk in nature, and while I’m doing it, I look around and allow the small pieces of art around me – leaves, branches, stones – to capture my attention. Some of them I pick up; at home, in the silence of my room, I observe them, I touch them, and little by little they reveal themselves to me. It is like letting the objects speak to me. Once I have found the creature inside the object, it doesn’t take me much time to make it appear. The urgency of the creature to come alive doesn’t allow me to rest.


Refection Shadows and a Shady Lamp Post.

All that we see is a reflection with out light nothing could be captured, being blessed with what ever small amount of light one has there is always an opportunity to look deeper into shadows and reflections.

CAFEMODE creates art and music exhibitions in alternative spaces. If you’re interested in finding more about CAFEMODE, please visit or write to 424-785-0303

Balconi Coffee Company website
hand crafted syphon coffee brewing everyday from 10am to 10pm


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