7.21.11 Cathlene Pineda + Beth Schenck @ Royal/T

Angel City Arts presents
8910 Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA, 90232  |  310.559.6300  

General Admission: $10 | Students: $5 (available at the door)


Cathlene Pineda

Award-winning pianist and composer Cathlene Pineda has carved out a significant career in creative, improvised music, both as a composer, and as a performer. Her extensive classical background combined with a unique approach to harmony makes her a fresh and innovative contribution to the Los Angeles jazz scene. Cathlene has worked with puppeteers, actors, visual artists, writers, and dancers and has performed group and solo work widely across the US and Europe. Her original music is rooted in jazz with a focus on contemporary classical composition, techniques, form, and texture, and she continues to perform both as a sideman and band leader throughout the west coast and Canada.

Cathlene Pineda website



Beth Schenck

Beth Schenck was born in Manhattan, Kansas (aka: The Little Apple). She now resides in New York City (aka: The Big Apple) where she is active as a musician and composer. She is lucky to have traveled all over the world playing music, and even more lucky to have been able to perform and work with great musicians like Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo, Henry Threadgill, Bill McHenry and many others. Her recent debut recording “What Shock Heard,” has been described by critics as “frank, beautiful, and, in the end, strangely peaceful.” One might argue that the result is the sound of a soul in crisis and, ultimately, redemption.

Beth Scheck website

Royal/T website


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