12.5.11 Sissy Spacek @ The Smell

The Smell presents
247 South Main Street  Los Angeles, CA 90013

By now John Wiese is a kind of well-known, I think, due to his involvement with Sunn O))) and Bastard Noise, and so the vaults are open for re-issue. Sissy Spacek is the oldest band that Wiese was involved in, before moving to Los Angeles. Back in the days, Sissy Spacek was Corydon Ronnau on guitar, Danny McClain on drums and Wiese on guitar and electronics (these days the band is still Wiese, Ronnau and Jesse Jackson). Today the band uses the old recordings which are heavily put in collage mode and set against newly recorded material.

Drums are in an absolutely free spirit, while the sound is picked up by Wiese’s electronics. Both guitars are in similar free noise mood. This is not what these boys were taught in music school, and that’s great. These days I have my reservations against noise, because much of it is made without imagination and all too easily, but in this case sweat comes bursting out of your speakers. No easy way is chosen, tension is all the way present, balancing the live noise act versus the studio manipulation. One could wish there is more like this.

Sissy Spacek website

The Smell website


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