5.6.12 Walt Hall solo show “The Forest’s Edge” @ Balconi

[MAY 6 – JUNE 12, 2012]
WALT HALL “The Forest’s Edge”
11301 Olympic Blvd. #124, Los Angeles, CA, 90064

Cafemode proudly presents “The Forest’s Edge” solo show by WALT HALL.

Within Walt Hall’s introspective landscape is a dense forest inhabited by languorous yet enigmatic folk wakening with the earnestness of life’s dealing with evolving emotions about life, death, art, freedom and responsibility. In some ways, the landscape of ”The Forest’s Edge” is a disconcerting one with no real dwellings in nature, only more or less a vignette that shrouds the creatures in frozen moments. Safe havens don’t exist, and love is never truly unconditional. Happiness, it seems, is the ability to ignore hidden danger. The forest’s edge is the entrance of the unknown without a precise location.

WALT HALL was born and raised in North East Los Angeles. Although an active artist from a very young age, he cut his creative teeth in the world of commercial art restoration rather than the traditional art school. Until 2000 his main focus was music and a series of local punk bands that he formed with friends. Since that time he has returned his creative focus to the visual arts. Although painting is his first and foremost creative method he also employs a wide variety of surfaces, forms, objects, mixed media, and enjoys collecting discarded materials for assemblage work. He paints in oil as well as acrylics and produces work that ranges in size from several square inches to mural sized works on unstretched canvas.

Walt Hall currently lives and works in the San Fernando valley.

Balconi Coffee Company website


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