6.30.12 There Is A Fox with Thomas Isaac + Tasogare [Jim McAuley + Oguri] @ Sabina Lee Gallery

Sabina Lee Gallery presents
JUNE 30, 2012  7-9pm
There is a fox with Thomas Isaac +
Tasogare [Jim McAuley + Oguri]
971 Chung King Rd  Los Angeles, CA 90012

Chinatown Design Night at Sabina Lee Gallery

There is a fox 
with visuals by Thomas Isaac

SET TWO: 7:45PM (near sundown)
OGURI   dance

presented by Kio Griffith

this is a free event and open to the public


There is a fox is a music project started in 2012 by Hiro Makino
(oto, Elephant Day) joined by his friends.
Collaborators include members from Elephant Day and Jesse Peterson (Turn On The Sunlight)



Thomas Isaac was born in Flagstaff, AZ in 1981. He was raised on the Navajo Nation amongst the beautiful, painted deserts of Northern Arizona, where some of the last, wild things are. His art is to say the very least, colorful. The gesture displayed Bruce-Lee-style splashes across his chosen mediums, from video to the jagged edges of painting. Themes run through the long, visual song. Violence, memory, history, the future and the human awakening are some of the archetypes found underneath the artist’s work. Might you come along for the ride?

Thomas Isaac website


JIM McAULEY is an acoustic guitarist whose passion for jazz, blues and experimental music is evident in his eclectic approach to improvisation. In addition to solo performances, he has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of LA’s most creative musicians, including this duo with clarinet and processing genie Andrew Pask.
Jim has released 4 critically acclaimed CD’s of original work: his solo debut “Gongfarmer 18″ (Nine Winds), a 2-CD set of duets–”The Ultimate Frog” (Drip Audio)–featuring Leroy Jenkins, Alex & Nels Cline and Ken Filiano, and 2 CD’s with the Acooustic Guitar Trio (whose other members are Nels Cline and the late Rod Poole), “Acoustic Guitar Trio” (Incus) and “Vignes” (Long Song Records).
“…genuinely evocative and refreshingly cliche-bashing work”–LA Times
“Mr. McAuley’s precise writing and playing is full of blues figures and rich-toned, acoustic-folk resonance. It’s peaceful and rigorous music”–New York Times


Oguri, a native of Japan, began his career as a dancer with master Tatsumi Hijikata, the creator of the dance form in post World War II Japan. Oguri joined famed dancer Min Tanaka’s company, Mai-Juku in 1985, and for five years lived, worked, and helped establish Tanaka’s farm outside of Tokyo. A resident of Southern California since 1990, Oguri formed his Los Angeles-based dance company, Renzoku, in 1993. He is the co-founder and artist-in-residence of La Boca, a studio/theater in the Sunshine Mission/Casa de Rosas (the oldest shelter for homeless women in Los Angeles) and an artist-in-residence at the Venice community theater the Electric Lodge. Oguri teaches and performs worldwide, and has received support from the California Arts Council, the James Irvine Foundation/Dance USA, the New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project, the Rockefeller Foundation and the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. Oguri received Irvine Fellowship in Dance funds for the research and development of Height of Sky, a site-specific dance project that will take place in the deserts of Joshua Tree, and in Los Angeles. Through Height of Sky, Oguri will investigate the relationship between dancer and environment, and will explore the development of his identity as a Japanese dancer in America.

Body Weather Laboratory website


Sabina Lee Gallery website


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