7.21.12 N » Z » N [Hans Fjellestad + Oguri] @ Sabina Lee Gallery

Sabina Lee Gallery presents
JULY  21, 2012  8-9pm
N » Z » N [Hans Fjellestad + Oguri]
971 Chung King Rd  Los Angeles, CA 90012

XQZT [edition two]

N » Z » N
improvisation from time to space and back
whilst sidestepping matter

HANS FJELLESTAD  synthesizer
OGURI  dance

curated by Kio Griffith

in conjunction with Perform Chinatown

SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2012 between the hours of 8 and 9pm
971 Chung King Road Los Angeles, CA 90012


N » Z » N is the second edition of XQZT, a non-structural performance series presented by Kio Griffith  currently at Sabina Lee Gallery on Chung King Road / Chinatown. Each performance is an improvised collaboration between a musician and a dancer with no rehearsals and in some situations a first time meeting in the spirit of ichigo-ichie, (literally “one time, one meeting”), the japanese term that describes a cultural concept of transience, and the contemplation of a singular and decisive event.



Los Angeles musician and filmmaker Hans Fjellestad has presented his music, film, and video art throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. He performs and records as a solo artist as well as past collaborations with Muhal Richard Abrams, George Lewis, Peter Kowald, Lé Quan Ninh, Lisle Ellis, Haco, Miya Masaoka, Money Mark, G.E. Stinson, Yoshimi P-We, Thomas Dimuzio, David Scott Stone, Baiyon, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Raymond MacDonald, Jakob Riis, P.O. Jørgens, Aiyun Huang, Mike Keneally, Nortec Collective, among others. An “innovative musician” (All About Jazz) and “master of analogue synthesis” (The Wire), Hans’ music has been described as “unbridled sonic freedom… raw, almost shamanic energy that embodies the true essence of unrestricted music” (XLR8R). Hans was artist-in-residence at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood 2008-2011, where he curated and hosted the monthly music series ResBox.

Hans Fjellestad website



Oguri a native of Japan, In 1985, he joined the Mai-Juku dance group founded by the internationally noted dancer/choreographer Min Tanaka. For the following five years, Oguri toured internationally and was a founding member of Body Weather Farm where the group lived and hosted annual international arts/dance festivals. Described by Victoria Looseleaf of the Los Angeles Times as a “treasure,” Oguri has lived in Southern California for the past twenty years and is a recognized force in the community. He has been producing and creating dance with his partner Roxanne Steinberg who founded Body Weather Laboratory in Los Angeles.  He has danced extensively in California, nationally and internationally in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Middle East and Japan. Oguri has been an artist-in-residence at the Electric Lodge in Venice since 1996 where he conducts on-going Body Weather Laboratory dance workshop – a rigorous muscle-bone, mind-body training. In 2001-2005, his Height of Sky dance project, which took place in the California desert, investigated the relationship between dancer and environment. It was the subject of the documentary Height of Sky directed by Morleigh Steinberg, and was featured on the Sundance Channel. Oguri’s  choreography for Hirokazu Kosaka’s Kalpa was a commissioned featured PST event at the Getty Museum in January 2012. His collaboration with Morleigh Steinberg (former ISO/MOMIX choreographer), Cold Dream Colour – an Homage to Le Brocquy (painter and Irish National Treasure) premiered in Dublin in 2010 and will premiere at REDCAT in May 2012. Oguri maintains relationships with the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Grand Performances, Highways Performance Space, the REDCAT, the Metabolic Studio, and dancers, artists and musicians including Min Tanaka, Anna Halprin, Hirokazu Kosaka, Adam Rudolph, Wadada Leo Smith, and many more.  Oguri received grants and awards from the New England Foundation for the Arts, the Annenberg Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, California Arts Council, Lester Horton Dance Award, Choreography Media Honors, The James Irvine Foundation & Dance/USA, The Japan Foundation, The Durfee Foundation, City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, The Center for Cultural Innovation and the National Endowment for the Arts among others.

Body Weather Laboratory website


Sabina Lee Gallery website


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