5.24.13 Gallery Lara Tokyo @ Hong Kong Contemporary 13

VIP RECEPTION MAY 24, 2013 6:30-8:30PM
[MAY 25, 2013 – MAY 27, 2013  Noon – 8PM]

15 Floor, 281 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
香港铜锣湾告士打道 281 号  | (852) 2894 8888

Gallery Lara Tokyo Booth# 1502


featured artists:

Satoshi Saegusa
Akihiro Yasugi
Akira Shikiya
Shisei Hashimura
Chiaki Saito
Minako Kumagai
Yuichiro Omura
Nobuki Mizumoto
Koichiro Yoshio
Shinnosuke Murakami
Yumiko Matsui
Aska Irie
Martin Durazo
Mitsuko Ikeno
Tomo Isoyama
Joe Suzuki
Macha Suzuki
Kio Griffith
Tomoaki Sato
Max Presneill
Jose Ramirez

VIP Invitation requests. RSVP to: gallerylara@gmail.com
*one person per email.


about Hong Kong Contemporary 13

With the success of its hot debut in 2012, Hong Kong Contemporary will once again provide an interacting platform for art lovers around the world in 2013.

In recent years, Hong Kong art market has developed and risen dramatically, seizing the attention from global art communities. Many worldly renowned art fairs and auction houses, such as Christie’s and Art Basel, start to settle down in this newly emerging city of art. Through various shows and fairs during Hong Kong Art Week, both international and local art business communities can gain a chance to interchange cross-cultural experiences of art in this gateway where east meets west.

Art sellers and buyers, collectors, critic, gallerists, museum curators and anyone who is involved in art business can certainly enjoy the decent art sales and a serendipitous discovery on good artworks in Hong Kong Contemporary. We promise to feature the highest quality of artworks in the coming art fair, spotlighting latest development of contemporary drawings, paintings, installations, and much more.

Hong Kong Contemporary is of a new generation of International Art Fairs. Our first and foremost purpose is to provide a fresh, trendy and accessible modern art. We are confident that we will have a very strong and dynamic international art fair, and Hong Kong Contemporary would make another contribution in the art world.



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