8.23.13 My Hawaii magnetic tape and 7-inch record release party @ ADC Contemporary Art

ADC Contemporary Art + Cafemode present
AUGUST 23, 2013  8pm – 11pm
MY HAWAII magnetic tape and 7-inch record release party with special guests
2525 Michigan Ave., Unit F2 Santa Monica, CA 90404


1st set
Wurlitzer piano + modular synth

2nd set
MY HAWAII [9:00pm]

YOHEI SHIKANO organ, guitar, vocals
JENS KUROSS marimba, organ
MILES SENZAKI percussions and drums

with DJ Trever Baade
spinning exotica and field recording etc…

curated by Kio Griffith

Free Concert
in conjunction with Seichi Kiyohara exhibition

2525 Michigan Ave., Unit F2 Santa Monica, CA 90404


What happens when you put five inventive musicians in a studio, add an eclectic mix of instruments and stir? You get My Hawaii, a refreshing fivesome who started making music together sometime around 2009. They got so lost in making music and recording their sounds, they almost didn’t get around to sharing their ingenious treats with the world. Lucky for us, they are now giving us a taste in the form of an EP set for a Spring 2013 release. “Definition of Friends” was recorded at two studios in LA—The Kitchen and Grandma’s Dojo—during 2012, and the world will be glad they didn’t keep these sounds in the oven.

How do you describe My Hawaii? You can’t pigeonhole these guys—this band takes everyday Betty Crocker ingredients to create dishes worthy of Julia Child. The band grew from Yohei Shikano’s dozens of recording projects, many for other bands and musicians. From a catalog of recording sessions, this core group—Justin Deming, Miles Senzaki, Jens Kuross and Daniel Seeff—morphed into a band of their own, soon drawing crowds to their shows in and around LA. Taking the name from a song of the same name by 60s blue-eyed soul faves The Rascals, My Hawaii also draws inspiration from the Beach Boys, Arthur Lyman, Paul McCartney and Harry Hosono. Their unique blend of mesmerizing melodies and tuneful lyrics are now set for release.

As a band and as individual personalities, My Hawaii is open and welcoming, often including guest musicians in addition to the original five. Their shows are just like their makeup: lots of different instruments to create lots of different sounds. Go to one of their shows and don’t be surprised to see a harmonium, cassette tape player and melodica as well as the expected guitars, bass and drums. These guys simply love to make music and that love comes through in their performance. You just cannot help but feel absorb their energy and let their warmth envelop you.

As if working tours for Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and Yoko Ono, booking a multitude of recording sessions, performing in successful live shows and releasing a record aren’t enough, the guys in My Hawaii also score films, including live-scoring, testing their talents in other arenas. You just never know what this creatively driven band will do next!



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