11.14.13 Eloine + Feedback Wave Riders + Byrnes / Cazan Duo @ Grand Star Jazz Club

Grand Star Jazz Club + Cafemode present
NOVEMBER 14, 2013  8pm – midnight
943 N. Broadway [Chinatown]  Los Angeles, CA 90012


BYRNES / CAZAN DUO  [8:30pm]

TED BYRNES drums / percussion
SCOTT CAZAN  electronics


MICHAEL JON FINK guitar / electronics
ULRICH KRIEGER  saxophones / electronics
ANTONY DIGENNARO guitar / electronics
CHAS SMITH  custom instrumentation


BRYAN DAY  custom instrumentation / electronics


curated by Kio Griffith

$10 general cover | first come first serve | arrive early
***$5 (half-price for people who have played the series)

943 N. Broadway [Chinatown] Los Angeles, CA 90012



Ted Byrnes is a drummer/percussionist living in Los Angeles. An alumna of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, he comes from a jazz background and has since made his home in the worlds of free improvisation, new music, electro-acoustic music, and noise.

Ted primarily works in ad hoc improvisational settings, but has standing improvisational groups including: a trio with Ulrich Krieger and Wyatt Penn Keusch, a duo with Nicholas Deyoe, a duo with Michael Foster, a duo with Casey Anderson, a trio with Jorge Martin and Anna Homler, among others. Additionally, Ted has played in duo/trio/or ensemble settings with: David Watson, Charlemagne Palestine, Alfred 23 Harth, John Wiese, Tim Perkis, Jaap Blonk, Torsten Muller, Kim Myhr, Jim Denley, Lloyd Honeybrook, Chris Schlarb, Mike Watt, Paul Masvidal, the LAFMS (including Smegma, Airway, Ace Farren Ford’s Artificial Art Ensemble, Rick and Joe Potts, Fredrik Nilsen, Tom Recchion, Vetza, etc), and accompanied FLUXUS artist Jeff Perkins on multiple occasions for his projector/light installations.



Scott Cazan is a Los Angeles based composer, performer, creative coder, and sound artist working in fields such as experimental electronic music, sound installation, chamber music, and software art where he explores cybernetics, aesthetic computing, and emergent forms resulting from human interactions with technology. His work often involves the use of feedback networks where misunderstanding and chaotic elements act as a catalyst for emergent forms in art and music.

Scott has performed and received numerous commissions with international organizations such as The LA County Museum of Art, MOCA (Los Angeles), Issue Project Room (NY), Feldstarke International (with CENTQUATRE, PACT Zollverein, and Calarts), Ausland (Berlin), Art Cologne, Ensemble Zwischentöne, The University of Art in Berlin, Toomai String Quintet, Southern Exposure (San Francisco), Guapamacátaro (MX), the BEAM Festival (UK), REDCAT (Los Angeles), Machine Project and many others. He has collaborated and performed alongside a variety of artists such as Jason Kahn, Ulrich Krieger, Mark Trayle, Michael Pisaro, Carmina Escobar, Carole Kim, Jana Papenbroock, and many others.



Chas Smith is a Los Angeles-based composer, performer, and instrument designer and builder who, in the spirit of Harry Partch, creates much of his music for his own exotic instruments. His compositions, which always display his dualistic fascination with the scientific and the sensual, might owe their split personalities to the diverse collection of composers he studied with in the 1970s: Morton Subotnick, Mel Powell, James Tenney, and Harold Budd.

As a performer, Smith regularly appears on feature film scores, playing both pedal steel guitar and his personally designed instruments. (He may be heard on such popular film scores as The Shawshank Redemption, The Horse Whisperer, and American Beauty.) Smith has also been featured on recordings by composer Harold Budd and with Rick Cox and film composer Thomas Newman in the experimental music ensemble Tokyo 77. Smith has performed his own works at various new music festivals and art galleries. His music has been recorded on the Arc Light, Cold Blue, Cantil, MCA, and Straw Dog labels.


Bryan Day is an improviser, composer, instrument builder, and conceptual artist based in Richmond, CA. Day focuses on intuitive sound performance using unconventional techniques in prepared environments. His instruments are constructed using practical composite designs, combining everyday objects with finished wood and metal forms.

Day has toured throughout the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Argentina and Mexico, performing both solo as Sistrum and Eloine and in the Shelf Life and Seeded Plain ensembles. He has collaborated with many artists including Takashi Aso, Jim Baker, Federico Barabino, Tore Honore Boe, Dirk Bruinsma, Bunnybrains, Jorge Castro, Maria Chavez, R.P. Collier, Alan Courtis, George Cremaschi, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, John Dikeman, Dino Felipe, Jonathan Fretheim, Nancy Garcia, Carol Genetti, Philip Gayle, Eckhard Gerdes, Greg Goodman, Dereck Higgins, Kommisar Hjuler, Zan Hoffman, Mike Honeycutt, ID-M ‘Theft’ Able, Jun Hyoung San, Darren Keen, Yoshiaki Kinno, Jay Kreimer, Jin Sangtae, Cheryl Leonard, Eric Leonardson, Evan Lipson, Unconditional Loathing, Bob Marsh, Hal McGee, Patrick McGinley, Tatsuya Nakatani, Keith Nicolay, Teaadora Nikolova, Brian Noring, Tom Nunn, Tim Olive, Terje Paulsen, Dennis Palmer, Hal Rammel, Justin Clifford Rhody, Josh Ronsen, Gary Rouzer, Sabrina Siegel, Nicolas Slaton, Matthew St. Germain, Jack Wright, Tsukasa Yagihashi and Toru Yoneyama.



Grand Star Jazz Club website


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